I can change the contents of the basket?

Yes, just tell us you want to remove / put in the basket by mail, phone or by filling out the field in the form and we will provide price

When does the bucket?
Within 24 hours, always the day after buying courier 9am to 19pm

How do I make the purchase?
For card, bank transfer, please ask if you want to bill

Can you send me the bill?
If you want another, type the full address, name or company name and the NIF / CIF. We sent it by mail or mail, as desired

What if mom or not you have been discharged in the clinic?
Our hostess or messaging us know if you have been discharged, we will call you to tell us the address of the mother and delivered in those 24 hours.

I can pay with American Express?

I can include? Greeting card?
If, Shopping Card carries a very beautiful occasion of our Stork, hanging with the text you want but q can also send their own, individual or company to include in the basket. By mail print it on card or by post / courier.

Are the baskets can be in a different color to pictures?
Yes, we are in pink, blue and beige.

They deliver on holidays?
Saturday and holidays have another price, 20 € for messaging

Are the baskets are decorated?
Yes, they are lined wicker white cloth wheel, other baskets in blue / pink gingham and carry handles ties cellophane paper with great lacing our stork

Do twin baskets are the same?
If an article for each baby, you can change the colors in this case and make changes if desired.

Is it included in the baskets VAT?
Yes, you just have to include the cost of shipping

What is the amount of the shipping charges?
Madrid € 6, € 12 other provinces within the peninsula, Saturdays / holidays € 20

Do I get my money in any case?
If for any reason you do not want the basket sent, the money is returned minus the shipping charge, in the medium of purchase (card, bank transfer) and where you, the buyer. The receiver has the right to change clothes by size or color, but not the amount of the basket. See Shipping / Returns