Buyers are responsible for the information they provide when making the order: If the shipping address is incorrect, the seller is not liable if the order can not be delivered within 24 h, in which case we will contact you to provide us new direction. These Upwind messaging are billed at a cost of 6 € € Madrid and 12 other provinces in the peninsula, which you must pay, as shipments are to be forwarded to other agencies destination.

Any question or suggestion change your order, please write to
The shipping charge to add to the price of the basket is 6 € € Madrid and 12 other provinces within the peninsula, expenses not included in the price of the baskets.
Payment of the purchase will be made by transfer / income, credit card and / or personal check.

The products offered are limited according to available stocks. If stock-outs, the seller reserves the right to deliver a product of identical quality and price (prior authorization of the customer), or delay the delivery.

In case of delay on our part, if we do not deliver the basket in 24h, the customer may request a refund of shipping cost. Call or write to

In the case that the receiver does not want the basket for any reason, we can replace clothes in size / color, taking charge of the shipping charge, but the amount of the gift will be returned to the buyer exclusively, notice that the receiver rejects gift.

These conditions of sale are systematically allow each client to make an order. So ordering an order implies full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of sale. Thus the buyer will not impose conditions contrary to the seller, unless expressly accepted, regardless of when they are sent to their attention. The fact that at some point, the seller does not impose one or more of these conditions does not mean you give up the right to impose the condition or conditions below.

This contract is governed by the Spanish legislation. The parties agree to resolve any controversy, dispute or claim arising out of this contract to the courts of Madrid, as the venue of the contract and delivery of services under this contract.